Footsteps behind me

He’s in hour 22 of wearing a heart monitor and is pacing, not knowing what to do with himself until 1:15.

maze of wires/ sliding his belt/ through its loops

A couple more examples from a Haiku Canada Holographic collection:

My Valentine haiku, on a real Valentine, crumpled and varethaned. There were over a hundred of these which stuck together, lots of fun for the editors, who had to pull them apart.

And this one, on a real tag by Terry Ann Carter…

I’ve started to read Ron Silliman’s ‘the Alphabet’. At three pages or so a day, it will take me just under a year as it takes so long to read three pages. I keep getting knocked back by lines like:

You’re telling me something urgent,  but I’m only counting the syllables as you speak.

Today editing some new poems about my father, and writing another (not that I need one) about Desiree, my parrot. So I’m off to do that. Happy writing everyone!


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