slotted spoon, lost 7

a work of art
an ordinary object

When does a work of art an ordinary object become? (artwork is a tiny collage by moi…)

lost 7: lie decided

beside beyond a modification /exploiting unthinking. the cushion breathed out as i sat down.
romantic ideologeme of the lyric self, before cloth diapers. relation. a whole life decided because of. i had what you could call a tailored look, wings up, extractions, treatments, pilot’s license. would she lie to you i said, morally instructive on review. yawns garglings burps farts sneezes coughs mutterings: i killed your wings, machine.

From Pearl Pirie’s Pesbo blog, (see blogroll) a poet thinking about poetry.

It’s more the characteristic of the company I want in my head than anything to do with the poem. It can be a painting or an architecture that behaves in the same satisfying way. It can be an oral conversation that doesn’t have a lack of self-awareness but does have a wit for patterns and playing with them. All the pretty sentences that are put together with skill are fine but I think I’m drawn to a personality of inclusion, a crooked-laced outlook.

We had so much fun last evening with John Barton. I was fortunate to be able to have about half an hour at the Avant Garde with him and a few others before Tree started, so got to renew an aquaintanceship (good word, or nor, it’s mine…), for I’d only met John briefly years ago.  I reminded him how we’d been published together in in ’98, and that was fun because it was a valentine issue and had my duck poem in it. Later we heard him read from Hymn, but also from current work. I loved it when he talked about Fredricton and his own ‘connection’ with Alden Nowlan, and especially enjoyed the song of his language in one of the new poems re the New York Ballet. 

From Persona (Hymn. 2009, Brick)

This voice/how it breaks

into lines, regulated/by breaths my body

sets/ irregular

expansive -/filling and filled…

and from Runoff:

cellophane sealed in a tamed/alpine savagery/as lovers we grow

to forget the moment we tasted it -/this confusion

of currants and river water/tartness/and intent, words….

And then afterwards, what a relaxed get-together in the Novotel bar across the street. Phil Jenkins joined us, and Michelle Desbarrats, Grant Savage, Rona Shaffran and Rod Pederson and another interesting/fun friend of John’s. (I wish I could remamber his name…) It was an almost rollicking time when everything got discussed from Australia to what is happening at Malahat. It was great. Thank you Rod and Rona, and Tree, and to John Barton for making the whole evening memorable.


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