lost 13, he fell for her

she knew boarding houses

from what I’ve been working on: a rich interior life, working title 

(photo of Rosemary Vincent, c. 19160

…it was my mother at fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen

who’d have years rubbing soapy sheets on scrubbing boards,

unpegging frozen sheets from clotheslines, draping them over table

and door to dry, of washing coal dust off walls and floors – long years

for a young girl to spend killing cockroaches, peeling turnips.

when she married, she’d seldom cook cabbage, that perfume

she’d tried so hard to wash from her hair and clothes.

our mother seldom read to us but told the story of cinderella

with feeling, her hands clutching air holding the mop

lost 13: he fell for her

survivor of the best stressed, and natural selection, she smiled her bold sexual ancient wisdom (satin-slippered men and bearded women sing in foreign languages.) rain in the west wind; whispery leaves flirt with bits of paper in the streetlights – the breweries the foundries the ice works the 7-Up bottling plant the airplane factory, the final notes that float like the perfume of someone you’d lusted after, the silences, gaps between what had been and what was to come. pissed as a parrot, excuse my French. hoodies? in trouble? you must be from mars. a windless moment, its straight lines of rain, the empty street. not that he’d admit it, wouldn’t admit a bulldog hanging off his leg. she’s mastered reality, no need to accommodate the uncomfortable bits. the stars always seemed closer than their bedroom anyway, this silken filigree his networked retirement fund

This should be interesting. Would I want my sisters or brother to write about me. There are my journals, of course. Totally damning. What fun!

Ted Hughes brother to write memoir – Telegraph
The older brother of Ted Hughes is set to publish a memoir about his early life with the poet laureate

And for Pearl, remember the pears I was telling you about.  There they were, first thing in the morning, being blatantly sexual in my best blue fruit bowl!


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