canicle, so clear

The first paid-ahead credit cards of the New World. When money ran out, the governor paid the soldiers with his signature to an amount on the back of a playing card. I have a poem that mentions this in a minute or two/without remembering.

This is not what canicle, so clear with cards is all about. (yes, i know there’s no such word, and I don’t mean canticle. Next time, maybe canticle) Nothing intended except that someone has been lost to me. The rest is open to what you think it means/doesn’t mean/is/is not etc. When you find out, let me know…

canicle, so clear with cards

are you growing smaller, what comes out , that’s all, of your mouth words transformed into ; changed and shaped, just a messenger. my tulip tired out i leave her to rest in my big chair your red neckerchief loose; lamplight. how grows your soul/ this pool might be bigger than you. talk, talk so well. suspect will you catch fish then, do you have enough caps? suicide murder, one of her mechanicl canicle smiles, spandex. so clear with cards; he was wearing a cowboy hat then, carried a sixgun.

From Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell. (Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking. 2005, Little, Brown, New York) According to Gladwell, spontaneously making four-word sentences from each of the following groups of words will change your immediate outlook on life:

him was worried she always
from are Florida oranges temperature
ball the throw toss silently
shoes give replace old the
he observes occaasionally people watches
be will sweat lonely they
sky the seamless gray is
should now withdraw forgetful we
us bingo sing play let
sunlight makes temperature wrinkle raisins

Now, are you feeling at all different? Gladwell says experiments have shown that those who did the exercise all started thinking about being older. Sorry about that.
Happy Easter anyway!