the herpling file, lost 6

choosing to remain a victim
by the scent of lilacs

lost 6:

rotating windows

you’re looped part of the loop, part of the loop, looped loop loop loop/ that now preferred to exit buildings via rotating windows/ what you know: /hank the cat is running for senate. one eye /always herpling nimbly. narcissus from Greek, narcosis, numbness, as the weather settles in/ to angelic. and his body lance straight as it was lance lean, calm. he worried she always – apples/oranges temperament the questions you asked and the herpled quilt

From writer Dani Shapiro, The Fleas of Life

April 9th, 2012
I just came across this phrase in a Paris Review interview of William Styron, conducted in Paris, in 1954, by George Plimpton and Peter Matthiessen. When asked if young writers of that time were at a greater disadvantage than writers of previous generations, Styron responded: “Hello no, I don’t. Writers ever since writing began have had problems, and the main problem narrows down to just one word––life (emphasis mine). Every writer since the beginning of time, just like other people, has been afflicted by what a friend of mine calls ‘the fleas of life’––you know, colds, hangovers, bills, sprained ankles, and little nuisances of one sort or another. They are the constants of life, at the core of life, along with nice little delights that come along every now and then.”

Off then, to take care of a few fleas of my own…