guffaw, expletive

a shahai by Grant D. Savage (poem and photograph by Grant)

 lost 10: being nice (guffaw, expletive)

the genes hold the key to being nice so why is there a huge bag of old socks in the corner, words are the blunt instrument, hook’em lapsed secularists sweet jesus convent girls want it don’t want it they get it they… up to the live feed transponder. planetary telescopes, squashed egos, real men eat with their hands. a rat made the decision: faded chintzes on a narrow library table, cynical statistical curve. and the sinners walk free, that non-believer had less hair every time i looked – four-day feast of fools screen screams, extra-triple zero kick the tires, from my perspective (guffaw, expletive) this is either the fossilized skin of a duck-bill hadrosaur saurolophus or a angostirosira saurolohus; in other words can one be good without god, it’s ours not theirs. they. we. threatening squad of inline skimp-skirted skater squirts, neatly dressed and clean shaven. ahem. the car starting as if it had never done anything else.

Note: reference to Alain de Botton, RELIGION FOR ATHEISTS: A Non-Believer’s Guide to the Uses of Religion, 2012, Pantheon Books.