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Tasmania, March, 2011. On the lookout for Tasmanian Devils, but only finding a rare green parrot in a tree, roadkill padmelons ( a kind of wallaby) and a wombat; the devils are most easily seen in captivity though they still live wild in some parts of the island. The mother of this 4-week-old had been killed – the baby was reared in a conservation program. These programs admit visitors to raise funds for breeding programs.

n na nai nain naina nainam nainams nainamsa nainamsat/d de dev devi devil/l li liv live lived/in ni/t ta tas tasm tasma tasman tasmani tasmania/mania/manic/magic/imagine/image/imago

The lost series is a series of poems based on loss of love, or loves, one kind or another.(lost three)
i thinking

mis-pies and pins. small sepia wmanimalz that will not upload. the family frenzy of barbecue, you do not like them sam i am then t’were well it were done quickly. she could not come. at all. qwerty faqir she knows quof the nineteenth… what was it then. but harry did not want to be careful and dares (what was i) to play while the swan roars. was i. oh my have the spirits set their singing hounds on your world is your soul travelling on its own?

Check out pesbo/ Poetry Journal for a TED video, Andrew Staunton on
Storytelling in Film and Lessons for Poetry, and for Pearl’s comments on Stanton’s talk. (Boy, Pearl, you must be a fast typer…)

In her blog, Pearl mentioned asemic writing, a wordless open semantic form of writing. asemic = having no specific semantic content, a vacuum of meaning which is left for the reader to fill in and interpret. Think of it as poetry, but look at it in the way you would look at an abstract work of art.

For example:

Xu-Bing’s monumental project which filled the floor and ceiling of the National Art Gallery was made up of acres of text which looked like calligraphy but which meant nothing, at least nothing specific. On the other hand, anyone in the world could ‘read’ it as well as anyone else, and get just as much, or as little meaning out of it.

See Xu-Bing: A Book of the Sky


You can also check out the Sunbeam Poem, by Jiyeon Song. It’s not quite the same thing, but is poetry that is sculpture. It isn’t available to read unless you ‘become’ part of the sculpture by walking inside it.


See how he created the project at:

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