crow under the bridal veil

This morning, a mention of Mexico brought that night back:

                                  full moon/ a frigate bird/ circles over the resort


From the last poem to go into the current manuscript, a poem about Desiree

ancient profession

late afternoon she reads the slant of light falling through lace curtains
                                                                      length of shadows…
on grey days, notes the reduction in quality of light, her timing fixed
as any proper englishman for high tea…

From other blogs/websites

The last verse from Dark Fish & Other Infernos (Jack Pine Press, 2011). Joe Roseblatt with Catherine Owen, a poem called

And then the purring earth

And then the purring earth begins to move
extending a gentle paw for me to rest
while my eyelids close upon each wing.

A last excerpt, from Laura Broadbent’s OH THERE YOU ARE, I CAN’T SEE YOU, IS IT RAINING? which won the 2012 Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry. Her artwork can be seen here:

Things Said In a Domestic Setting

She says that he says that she said something she didn’t say.
He says she says things when she means something else.
She says he says mean things

He says she says he says mean things
and he says he does not say mean things.
He says he says things that mean something
and he says she says things…
that don’t mean anything….

Shades of R. D. Laing’s Knots

I read another few pages of Silliman’s the Alphabet; again slow going, but interesting. Submitting a manuscript today…

and here’s another Holograph item from Tom Clausen, 1997:

You have to read around the edge, starting at the top edge…


As to that crow:

                    checking out the buds


                    under the bridal veil spirea